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What Does 5G Mean For Various Industries?

When we tend to think about the impact of faster internet speeds, we think about how it will impact the average user. And that is a sensible way to look at things. But when such a big jump takes place, such as the eventual jump from 4G to 5G, we are going to see so many changes to the way that mobile internet is delivered. Not only are speeds going to be a lot more than right now, but we are also going to get far lower latency. Data caps should not be an issue either.

Building 5G Backbone

What do all of these things mean for various industries? The first thing we must note is that specific industries, such as the one that produces items like the hybrid coupler, are already working hard to support the 5G network backbone. It is these little items that may seem inconsequential to the average consumer, but play such a huge role in how data is transferred around the world. When these electronic components are up to scratch, we are going to see a 5G network that is reliable and very fast. But what about other industries?

hybrid coupler

Medical Industry Implications

One industry that is sure to benefit is the medical industry. We have already seen a few instances of surgeons who are using robot arms to perform surgery. This will go to a whole new level when 5G rolls around. Thanks to the rapid speeds and low latency, it will be possible for them to use these robotic arms while they are in another part of the country. Imagine that - performing surgeries hundreds of miles away using robotic arms!

Internet of Things

And it is just one of the changes we will see. The everyday appliances that people use at businesses and in their homes will become connected to the internet. It will be up to companies to ensure they are creating a useful reason for people to have their fridge, coffee machine and other appliances connected to the internet 24/7.