Monday, August 26, 2013

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Easily remove your unwanted accounts from the internet

As soon as you start using web services, you leave your digital footprint and data with the service provider, even if you aren't using it any more. That's a fact. Another fact is that rarely can you find companies that make it easy for you to delete your account/data; they have the 'nasty' habit of hiding the delete button somewhere inside myriad confusing menus and settings.

Now if you want to 'partially' vanish from the internet painlessly, then there is this recently launched one-stop website which makes that possible. gives you direct links to the account removal process, and shows information on how to delete your account if you want to. But beware that in cases like Facebook, it goes directly to the delete option and not deactivate. Whatever your need, has tried its best to make it easy for you.

The founders of this site, Robb Lewis, and his friend, Mike Rogers, have released a Google Chrome Extension, which automatically adds a traffic light icon to your omnibar indicating the difficulty in removing an account on the website you are visiting: with green meaning 'simple'; yellow meaning some extra effort is required; red meaning that you need to contact customer support; and black meaning that it's impossible to delete your account.