Sunday, March 31, 2013

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Stop using the snooze button - video

Snooze button? Oh yes, we all know about it. It gives us just some more minutes of sleep. But does it really? According to ASAP Science the snooze function on alarm clocks is more likely to cause more damage than good.

Why? Because it interrupts the natural sleep cycle of the body. When you press the snooze button it means that you need more sleep and you feel tired so the body thinks it can go to sleep again and doesn't prepare itself for waking up.

Indeed, "when you press the snooze button and fall back asleep, your body doesn't necessarily continue where it left off. Rather, it resets the sleep cycle – providing even less time to finish the lap. Since snooze buttons generally last no more than 10 minutes, your body will once again be interrupted mid-cycle and leave you even sleepier than you were before."

So it is best if you set your alarm at a later time than keep pressing snooze button a few times. Watch the video to get more details about this.