Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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Nokia to do research on Graphene, the super material / video

Graphic from Manchester University / Photograph: Jannik Meyer/AFP/Getty
For long diamonds have been known to be the hardest material ever; not any longer. Graphene, also known as super material, is the new champion. It is stronger, lighter, and thinner than anything else on Earth. But what is graphene?

Graphene is pure carbon which is only one-atom thick which makes it the lightest material too. Graphene is the thinnest (it is a 2D material and not a 3D), the lightest, and the strongest (harder and stronger than diamond and steel) material; it conducts electricity better than copper; it is transparent and bendable; it can take any form you want. Previously researchers also found out that graphene has the ideal optical properties to form the transparent electrodes in liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

Graphene is an atomic-scale honeycomb lattice
made of carbon atoms.
So, it is  not surprising to see that all sorts of developers and engineers longing to get their hands on it. In this race, Nokia seems to be ahead. The Finnish mobile-phone maker announced a couple of days agon that it was one of the recipients of a massive $1.35 billion grant from the European Union to do research and development on the super material over the next 10 years.

If successful in its development of the material, Nokia will be able to build light, durable mobile phonesthat are also less susceptible to overheating.

"When we talk about graphene, we've reached a tipping point. We're now looking at the beginning of a graphene revolution," Jani Kivioja, a research leader at Nokia Research Center, said in the statement. "Before this point in time, we figured out a way to manufacture cheap iron that led to the Industrial Revolution. Then there was silicon. Now it's time for graphene."
Below watch a video by Cambridge University explaining graphene visually and simply.