Saturday, January 12, 2013

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Fluid smooth video with your iPhone with Smoothee

If you are a professional videographer you sure know that Tiffen's Steadicam has made life a lot easier for you. Yet, even if you are a pro and you have an iPhone you cannot resist having one of Smoothees with which you can capture smooth panning shots just like professionals. It's true that iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 do have video stabliliser, but it’s no match for the Steadicam Smoothee, which can make footage look absolutely fluid, regardless of whether you shot it standing still, walking, or even running.

It has a durable metal frame and features an interchangeable camera mount so that it can be used with different camera options. Mounting is easy, and the frame provides a comfortable hand gripe to aim and guide the video device.

The Smoothee retails for $169 and additional camera/device mounts are $24.95 each. It’s definitely far more affordable and accessible than the $60,000 unit Steadicam sells to the pros. Also available is a $49.95 travel bag.

It is designed for an iPhone, fourth-gen iPod Touch, and GoPro Hero, Hero 2, and Hero/iP4 devices. 

via digital trends and Mac Life