Saturday, January 19, 2013

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Canon's portable mini scanner

Canon has come up with an ultra-compact, productive scanner for mobile or home users; it is boringly called imageFORMULA P-208. But working with this portable tiny scanner is not boring at all. It is a slim line device weighing in at just 600g, but still features an automatic feeder enabling up to 10 sheets to be scanned in a single operation. Only about 2-inches wide and a bit longer than a sheet of paper, the P-208 is powered via USB, so there’s no heavy power supply to weigh you down.

Also included is optical character recognition (OCR) software to turn scanned documents into files that can be edited in a word processor, which is a huge time-saver for anybody who has ever had to manipulate text.

As well as paper documents, the imageFormula P-208 can scan plastic cards such as ID badges and supports scanning capabilities such as correcting skewed images, automatic page size detection, double feed detection and skipping of blank pages.

Now if you are tired of cables running around and if you use the P-208 with Canon’s recently announced WU10 Wireless Adapter and Battery Pack, you can transmit scanned files wirelessly to Windows and Mac PCs, as well as to smartphones and tablets by using the additional free Canon CaptureOnTouch Mobile app.

The $230 mini scanner is ideal for digitizing receipts, bills, business cards, and anything you want to get rid of in paper form.