Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Logitech’s G600 MMO Gaming Mouse: the new beast

Those who have played MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online games) know that they need tons of shortcuts to manage their characters, items, skills, and spells. Up to now it was Razer Naga mouse with its 1-to-12 illuminating side keys which was a true companion for gamers. Now there is a new super kid in the block: Logitech's G600 MMO with 20 buttons, 3 more than Razer Naga. But this is not all.


Rather than the left and right click on top, the G600 adds a scroll wheel that can click left or right as well as down. It also adds a third button to the right of the right click (directly under your ring finger) plus two vertically aligned buttons below the scroll wheel to easily switch between button and sensitivity configurations. The far-right click acts as a shift button to customise the thumbpad’s button configuration on the fly, that is, it adds yet another 12 buttons.

How to configure
One: via the on-board memory function, through which you can store three complete, unique profiles inside the mouse itself as the G600 ships with three preset profiles (two MMO and one suited to general gaming). 'You can just plug in the USB cable and start living vicariously — no programming or additional hassles required.' The colour which glows from the keyboard tells you which profile you are using.

Other points
'The G600 is a “palm grip” rather than “claw grip” mouse'; its 'anti-friction pads let it slip and slide equally proficiently on mouse pads and tabletops. And finally its 'DPI options stretching from 200 to 8,200 let you dial in sensitivity to a tee, and you can switch them on the fly.'

Low points
The shift button cancels out the right click which is so much needed in gaming. It is made only for right-handed players. It is chunky and a bit heavy.