Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Use and preview the new Office 2013 for free

Microsoft has rightly decided to use its strength, the Office, as its competitive advantage over its rivals. It is legitimate to say that the absence of Office has always been a problem for users of Mac machines or any non-Windows OS users, be it on laptops or on PCs.

So a new Office has arrived: Office 365, revealed this week by Microsoft.  What is special about this Office?

1. It has turned more into a platform/ecosystem than a software. It comes with cloud integration, subscription fees, and tablet compatibility - which means tough and multi-touch UI. Indeed all touch-screen computers will be able to use Office 2013.
2. There is not much change in the ribbon style so you wouldn't find yourself in a new territory. However, there are a lot of improvement in the look of the Office and its ease of use.
3. It has added stylus support for tablets.
4. Web-based Office apps will remain free but you have to pay for desktop-based applications.
5. You can download a preview version of Office 365 from Microsoft before it’s released later this year. (Note: You’ll need to have Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows RT (for tablets) installed and working to be able to work with Office 2013. (Office 2013 Preview Download)