Friday, July 27, 2012

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Early prototypes of iPhone and iPad revealed - 25 pics

Despite some trendy hostility towards Apple for various reasons, there is no doubt that the sleek and simple design and easy UI of iPhone was a game changer in the smartphone world.

And we are all tired of the law battle between Apple and Samsung but now finally something good is coming out of the lawsuits: iPhone and iPad prototypes. For the first time pictures of iPhone and iPad prototypes are revealed which somehow illustrate the engineering and design journey of these iconic Apple products as we see them today. The most interesting, perhaps, are the iPhone prototype which looks like Nokia's Lumia 900 and te iPad with a kickstand which reminds us of HTC devices as well as the new entry into the market, Microsoft's Surface.

The Verge team believes that 'many of the iPad prototypes also feature "iPod" on the back, perhaps giving insight into Apple's early naming considerations.'

The slim and sleek iPhone prototype, labelled as the N90, was meant to be iPhone 4 - never was. Interestingly some of the CAD rendering of iPad dates back to 2004. Equally interesting is to know that Sony products have been a serious influence on the design of iPhone. (Shall we now expect Sony to open a lawsuit against Apple?)