Friday, June 29, 2012

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Ten things to know about Google Glasses

Apart from Google Nexus 7, Google staged a bigger show-off live session about its Glass Project when the people present in the Google I/O 2012 and those who were following the livestream of the event could watch a live Google+ hangout feed of skydivers wearing the device. (watch it below) (What is Google I/O?)

But what is so special about Google Glasses? Although no factual specs are yet available but from the impressions gathered in Google I/O reports the following ten facts about Google Glasses are certain.

1. It is very light weight.
2. It is very action friendly.
3. It is very smart - well in both senses: smart as in a smartphone and as high-tech looking as any cool gadget.
4. It is not just a camera fixed with glasses, it is going to be, in theory, your ultimate socialising gadget.
5. It has a reasonably small battery park.
6. Its 'Explorer Edition' for developers will be shipped next year for $1,500.
7. For the moment, it has plenty of bugs.
8. It has a powerful processor.
9. It is a potential threat to GoPro wearable action cameras.
10. It is armed with multiple gyroscopes.