Monday, May 7, 2012

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Galaxy S III: Pros & Cons

The New Galaxy S III was just introduced in London on May, 3rd. After all the rumours and uproar the shape and specs were finalised, but this new device seems not to be what customers and Samsung fans expected. There are, of course, some improvements on the prize-winner Galaxy S II, yet, S III may not repeat the success of its older brother.

1. Higher resolution superamoled screen
2. Bigger screen (4.8 versus 4.3), some people may think this is too big for a phone though.
3. Quad-core processor
4. Better battery life (claimed by Samsung)
5. Some software additions such as s-voice and eye movement recognition

1. The physical home button is still there. A capacitive home button or the inbuilt on-screen ICS buttons would have done the job without mechanical wear.

2. The shape of the phone does not look great: the curved corners, the clumsy back, and the cheap plastic case may be considered as drawbacks by some picky fans. There have been comments on the plastic case of GS2 and its vulnerability to scratches but Samsung seems determined not to stick to its gun and leave it unchanged.

3. There doesn't seem to be major changes made to Touchwiz which, some say, is one of the worst and ineffective UIs, compared to HTC Sense, Launcherpro or Go Launcher.

Bottom line, GS3 does not seem a better phone than HTC One X and is less likely to be able to compete with the upcoming Apple phone in a couple of months.