Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Best Smartphones of 2010 (so far) iPhone 4 - features

The exit of 2010 is near but what were the best smartphones of the year, well so far? In a series, Gadgetics will introduce the best smartphones of the year.

No doubt Apple iPhone 4 stands a head and shoulder above its rivals, but why?

Announced June 7, 2010 and released June 24 2010, iPhone 4 is specifically marketed for video calling,  media consumption (books, newspapers, films, etc), games, and of course email and internet. it is a sure step from iPhone to ensure that this new model can hold its own against the growing Android invasion.

General Features: 
  1. Multi-Touch Gestures (you can put in your personal hand codes)
  2. Multitasking (double click the home button)
  3. Listen to background music while using other apps
  4. ‘Retina Display’ quadruples the pixels of the screen to 326 pixels per inch. 
  5. 24% thinner than the 3GS
  6. Runs on the Apple A4 processor: more battery life, speedier surfing and apps
  7. Battery: 7 h. 3G talk, 6 h. 3G browsing, 10 h. WiFi browsing, 10 h. video, 40 h. music, and 300 h. standby
  8. Micro-SIM slot
  9. The stainless steel band around the side of the iPhone 4 boosts the antenna signal, hence a better Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS, UMTS and Bluetooth reception
  10. iChat: video calling (called FaceTime)
  11. 720p HD video at 30fps; the iMovie app lets you edit titles and add effects
  12. 3-axis Gyro for better game experience
  1. Create your own playlist
  2. Access to lyrics and Podcast info 
  3. Control volume via Bluetooth headsets


  1. Search bar to search messages
  2. Failed SMS notification
  3. Larger fonts

  1. Two cameras (front for video calling)
  2. Back camera: A 5-megapixel with a backside illuminated sensor, 5x digital zoom, tap to focus and LED flash
  3. Resize and rotate photos
  4. Landscape mode
  5. Easy and varied categorising
Web and Connectivity:
  1. In-page video playback
  2. Rotate and zoom videos
  3. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wake on Wireless
  1. Supports Apple Bluetooth keyboard
  2. Locate me map
  3. Linking contacts from different accounts
  4. Notes syncing with Gmail IMAP, Yahoo! mail and MobileMe
  5. Voice memo
  6. Cut, Copy and Paste with double tapping to see the menu
  7. Custom Dictionary 
  8. Categorise apps (12 apps per folder: a total of 2160)
  9. Bing search as well as Google search (default)
  10. Search mails, file and delete them