Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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USB Drives For Girls

It is true that men like gadgets more (check this out) but girls too like their gadgets if you design them to their taste. The following are some USB drives which are meant to draw girls into the world of gadgets.

1. USB Fragrance Flowers: a flower which you plug into your computer and which will produce a nice smell; these flowers actually smell like real flowers. They work the same way like those air refreshers you use in your house. You simple plug one of these flowers into an USB port and it will make everything smell nice.

2. USB Handbag Flash Drives: these cute handbag drives hold up to 8GB of data. You can pick between the colors: red, pink, green, yellow and blue. They kind of look like toys, so make sure that you don’t leave this drive hanging around children.

3. USB Fashion/Jewellery: This fashionable USB drive is decorated with crystals and looks absolutely magnificent. A necklace is included so you can wear your data around your neck, which sure looks stylish. You can also attach it to your cellphone or keychain by using the included strap.

-via Gadget miss