Monday, October 25, 2010

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Say Hello to the Fish; the Mouse is Dead!

The mouse is dead! Long live the fish. For all the lazy bums who like to lie around on couches and bed and operate the computer lying down or lazing around, the fish is new hand held mouse that will revolutionaries the way we use our mouse. The fish handheld mouse has no complicated things to adhere to, it comes with a plug that can be plugged into any USB port and the fish is ready to be used

It is hand held and hence you can lie down and surf the net, play games, design or do editing or any work on your computer. At times when you are in a flight or travelling somewhere and you don’t have enough space to place your mouse it becomes difficult to work. The fish handheld mouse overcomes all such worries, just hold it in your hand and operate. It doesn’t require a working area.

The fish handheld mouse is ideal for use on your laptops or while travelling in trains or planes, and yes during presentation you don’t have to go to the table and click to keep changing the slides. Now presentations can be spontaneous as it is a very perfect controller for business presentations.
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