Monday, October 25, 2010

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Light Torch: a touch screen computer projector

The gadget, Light Touch, uses holographic laser-projection technology to beam a 10in virtual touch-screen on to any surface. Infrared sensors detect the finger taps of the user, and allows them to type words, or open and close programs and applications.

It runs Windows CE, a basic version of Microsoft's popular operating system, and users can use it to write a letter or watch a video. Sweeping a hand across the surface enables users to flick between photos or programs.

"The opportunities for Light Touch extend beyond consumer electronics," said Chris Harris, chief executive of Light Blue Optics. "It could profoundly change the way people interact with multimedia content and the built environment."

Firms such as Adobe, Microsoft and Toshiba are rumoured to be interested in the technology.

"We believe that today's consumer is no longer a passive viewer of multimedia content," said Harris. "People expect to engage, interact and share content, and our prototype enables them to do that in new and exciting ways."

Light Blue Optics, the Cambridge-based company behind the projector, is showcasing the device at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But the Light Touch is not being sold directly to consumers; instead, the company hopes to license the technology to other major electronics manufacturers to use in their products.