Saturday, October 23, 2010

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HP Slate PC shown off by Ballmer

"Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled a selection of Slate PC’s during his CES keynote, but although HP’s Slate was shown, the much mooted Courier was not.

With Apple likely to announce the iSlate at the end of the month all eyes were on Ballmer for a response to Microsoft’s rival, but many were left disappointed.

Among the offerings was a Slate PC from HP, although precious little detail was forthcoming.

It was a 10-12 inch device and Ballmer showed off the devices capacity to use Amazon’s Kindle for the PC software.

“It’s almost as portable as a phone and as powerful as a PC running Windows 7,” said Ballmer.

“It’s perfect for reading, surfing the web and taking entertainment on the go.”
There is a YouTube video that you can watch of the HP slate – and more details will emerge during the coming weeks."