Monday, October 25, 2010

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Gadgets Make Men Happier

Men are more likely to rate technology as a necessity of life than women, a recent survey suggests.

The UMR Research survey conducted in New Zealand indicated that men placed more importance on having a home computer, high-speed internet, a microwave and Sky TV than women.

The research also showed that the younger people were more likely to view technology as something they could do without.

The top four necessities for those aged 18-29 years were car at 74 per cent, mobile phone at 71 per cent, home computer at 63 per cent, and high-speed internet at 55 per cent.

These were all rated lower than three of the top four necessities for those aged over 60 -- landline telephone, car and television.

-World News Australia 

The research showed that trends also played an important role.

Technology that was more popular when respondents were younger was more likely to be viewed as a necessity of life.

Older people were more likely to think a television and a landline was more important than an MP3 player or a mobile phone.

About 750 people, aged 18 and over, were involved in the nationwide survey.